Septic Tank Maintenance For All of
Prineville Oregon Including:

Alfalfa and Powell Butte Oregon

Septic System Maintenance Operation

          Pumping a septic tank removes heavy sludge, liquid, and grease/scum which will plug and clog the drainfield or mound. All tanks need to be pumped every three years. Many owners have their tanks pumped more often to make sure that their septic system is working properly.

There are several ways to protect a septic system and lengthen its life span:

  • Minimize water use by installing water-efficient appliances.
  • Fix all leaks.
  • Spread water use throughout the day and week - don't over load the septic system.
  • Minimize garbage disposal use - better options are composting or a garbage service.
  • Keep grease, plastics, and feminine hygiene products out of your septic system.
  • Install a lint filter in the washing machine.
  • Minimize using harsh cleansers, bleach, detergents, and soaps.
  • Do NOT dispose of medications, paints, or chemicals through your septic system.
  • Do not use septic tank additives - only pumping totally removes sludge and scum.
  • Avoid toilet tank disinfectants that work "every flush" when placed in the tank or bowl.